An environment holds the command line and other values injected into the program by default by the runtime.

class val Env




Build an artificial environment. A root capability may be supplied.

new val create(
  root': (AmbientAuth val | None val),
  input': InputStream tag,
  out': OutStream tag,
  err': OutStream tag,
  args': Array[String val] val,
  vars': Array[String val] val,
  exitcode': {(I32)} val)
: Env val^



Public fields

let root: (AmbientAuth val | None val)


The root capability.

Can be None for artificially constructed Env instances.

let input: InputStream tag


Stdin represented as an actor.

let out: OutStream tag



let err: OutStream tag



let args: Array[String val] val


The command line used to start the program.

let vars: Array[String val] val


The program's environment variables.

let exitcode: {(I32)} val


Sets the environment's exit code. The exit code of the root environment will be the exit code of the application, which defaults to 0.